My husband and I just returned from spending the weekend at our friends’ bay home. The house was a water-front property with a 600 foot pier. We spent most of our time fishing on the deck at the end of the pier. Everyone caught something….ok, not everyone. The one person who didn’t catch a fish will remain nameless. Fishing in the gulf of Mexico is not difficult. You can basically drop your line down into the water and if you have the right bait and give it some time, you will catch something! We met our friends’ neighbor after fishing last night. Mr. Tim told us that he has been living on the bay for 15 years and it wasn’t until this year that he decided to fish. As of last night, he has yet to catch anything! As we began packing our belongings to return home we thought about Mr. Tim. How can you live right in front of an ocean full of fish and never catch one? Is he unaware of the all the fish right in front of his house? Is he using the wrong bait? Has he become satisfied with not catching anything? This question caused me to think about my own life. What opportunities are right in front of me? What am I failing to “catch?” Have I been working hard at something with few or no results and have never thought to change the bait? Have I become so oblivious to the bounty right in front of my door that I haven’t even tried to “go for it?” I haven’t discovered all of the answers to those questions, but I have resolved to at least cast a line in a world full of opportunities and catch my fish! There are plenty of fish out there….why don’t you cast yours too!


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2 responses to “WHAT ARE YOU CATCHING?

  1. Anonymous

    Very encouraging. Thank you–I think I’ll go fishing!

  2. Anonymous

    Your blog was very thought provoking. I can’t wait to see what else you have to share.

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