Break the Habit!

Have you ever begun the day with plans to eat healthy and drink eight glasses of water, but ended up devouring a cheesy, gooey, carb-loaded meal by lunch time with a dessert and a coke for your afternoon snack? When you got home for dinner and found your favorite treats nestled in your refrigerator, did you bypass them–insisting on getting back on track, or did you “blow off” the diet plan believing it’s too late to salvage your calorie count?  

How about the times you’ve started the year journaling your goals, but by November you realized you’ve forgotten where you placed it and what was on your list?  Did you search for the journal diligently so that you could pick up where you left off, or did you say, “forget it.  I’ll buy a new one and begin again in January!”    

Do you tend to blow off time and activities if you don’t begin or complete something as planned?  Then you need to break the “blow off” habit! 

Many of us are acutely aware of time we have already wasted.  However, we are not as sensitive to the time that can still be salvaged.  We are derailed by the need for perfection or are deceived by the belief that the “little” we can accomplish will not lead to much.  But it is the habit of blowing off rather than redeeming the time that is most harmful.  Blowing off time delays our start, slows down our momentum, and prolongs achievement of our goals.  A much better habit is to just start–restart–get going–get moving.   

Learn to capture the remainder of your day, week, month, or year and get the most out of the time that’s left. Begin by refocusing on what you want to accomplish, rewriting your goals and objectives and reactivating your plan.  Start right now and break the “blow off” habit!



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4 responses to “Break the Habit!

  1. Kara Elliott

    Well thank you Dr. Miller for talking about me in your blog! “Sigh”…I’m just glad you aren’t using a picture of me sitting in my recliner!!!! Love it!

  2. Chaz

    Dr.Carolyn, leave us procrastinators alone. We apparently enjoy being right where we are. Just joking!! This encouraged me to get my behind back to the gym and back in school.


  3. Jasmine

    This is a great posting! You are speaking to a habit that we all, in some area of our lives, are guilty of. And sadly, this self-defeating habit keeps many of us from fulfilling our purpose. I appreciate the helpful strategies that you’ve provided to break the “blow-off” habit and begin again(and again…and again). I am starting today!

  4. Zandra Rutledge

    OOOUUUUCH!!!!! That hurt. When I read the article I truly felt revealed. I felt like you Dr. Miller had a camera on my life were writing this article while watching it.

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