One Thing I Know!

This video is one of the most inspirational stories I have seen.  It’s about the love between a father and son–Dick and Rick Hoyt.  In the late 70’s, Rick–a quadriplegic–dreamed of running a race.  He shared his dream with his father and through the use of a specialized computer, asked him to help him accomplish it. Though Dick, was out of shape and had never run a race, he wanted Rick to experience a normal life and have the opportunity to pursue his dreams. The two, affectionately known as Team Hoyt, took on the challenge and nearly thirty years after running their first marathon, completed 984 events including the Ironman, shown in this video. If you need a little fuel to put in your dream tank, watch this video and be inspired.

2008 Triathlete Hall of Fame Inductees


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5 responses to “One Thing I Know!

  1. Chaz

    Dr. Carolyn that was truly inspiring!

  2. Beautiful! I had seen them originally on Oprah, I believe. I love the song too (great encouragement.) This is love that knows no bounds, love at it’s fullest and beautiful beyond description! I recall Dick saying his son wasn’t disabled, he just needs help from other people. Blessed inspiration.
    Thank you,

  3. drcarolynmiller

    RH….yes…you are so right. Love with no bounds. Just when I think Dick has done “enough,” he just keeps going. And Rick….his internal drive and belief is amazing.

  4. Wow, we are all miracles, precious, fragile, human beings. I appreciate and thank you for sharing that beautiful video between father and son. To think, what do i have to be depressed about? Absolutly not a thing. A great reminder to get out from myself and help another. I love the cliche, TOGETHER WE CAN. Thank you again.

  5. drcarolynmiller

    Valerie. You are so right. Rick is an inspiration to all—don’t look at what you can’t do..figure out how you can. And together “We Can!” Click on the link to their website. The link is embedded in the text above the video. You’ll be amazed by what they have accomplished.

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