Love Has No Bounds

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6 responses to “Love Has No Bounds

  1. Chaz

    Dr.Carolyn that was pretty cool!

  2. Hi Doc,

    I love this video and can watch it over and over – love doesn’t forget. There’s such a blessed, sacred bond of love we receive from animals, we are blessed beyond any deserving.

    Thank you kindly for checking in on me at my blog, for sharing your heart and encouragement. Support group is this week so I’ll get to touch base with the Occupational Therapist and see if we can get an article written for the local paper. We shall see. This is a winding, twisting journey, and not for the faint of heart!


  3. Kara Elliott

    I love this video and come back to your blog to watch and cry my eyes out. Animals have my heart.

  4. That was really cool. Amazing really!

  5. drcarolynmiller

    The first one was incredible, but I was floored by the second.

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