Would Any Other Word Smell as Sweet?

I want to update you, because I haven’t written anything in a few weeks.  I’ve been preparing to launch my website, which will go live by the end of this month! I’m so excited and can’t wait to share it with you. Until then, I have to focus and postpone writing blogs. But as always….I’ll find something good to inspire, encourage or cause you to hum…..”mmmmmm.”

So here’s a video that I found on Gerald Weber’s blog. Gerald has great tips on using social media and owns Houston Search Engine Marketing Group. Check out his work, I’ve found him to be extraordinarily helpful.

This video is a great demonstration on the power of words. Life has taught me–you’ve got to be intentional about your words and use them for the greatest good!!!



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2 responses to “Would Any Other Word Smell as Sweet?

  1. Thanks for sharing Carolyn! God has really been bringing information about my words and “calling things in” so I know that this video is confirmation. I look forward to your website and all you have to offer. God bless!

  2. drcarolynmiller

    Thank you, Monica.

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