O’ Holy Night!!!

I can’t allow this holiday season to go by without recognizing Christmas. I know that Christmas has become commercialized and admittedly, I participate in some of it.  In fact, my husband and I have just finished wrapping gifts and putting them under our tree.  Yet, like many of you, it is very important to me that I remember to reflect on, embrace, and experience the true meaning of Christmas…. and when I do, everything else including what and where I eat, what gifts I give or receive, or where I put the tree–pales in comparison.  

Christmas is God’s demonstration of His unfailing love for all mankind.  Though Christmas represents many things, the most significant is that God came to us–through Jesus Christ–for the expressed purpose of reconciling us to Himself. Christmas reminds me that God not only forgives us for our wrongs, but despite His full recognition of who we are and what we’ve done, desires a personal relationship with us.  He spared no expense in creating every opportunity for this to happen and– at this very moment–I am particularly thankful for that kind of love.   

I hope and pray you will experience Christmas in a profound way–by remembering that the whole reason we even celebrate it is because God desperately wants you and me.  I believe that when we reflect on the true meaning of Christmas, we’ll find the greatest gift we can receive is Christ and the greatest gift that we can give to God and others, is our self.  Christmas in its’ purest form is the beginning of this divine exchange that starts when we receive the love that Jesus came to give.  Don’t let the significance of the moment elude you. After all, we get good at life when we capture moments like these and respond to what we learn in ways that transform us. 

David Phelps’ rendition of “O’ Holy Night” is perhaps, one of the closest representations of what I feel, but am struggling to articulate.   When I hear him sing this song, it becomes even more apparent that Christmas is more than a few twinkling lights and snowmen–it was not an ordinary night–it is not just another holiday.  What God has done for us is unprecedented, unfathomable, and most hallowed!  I pray that as you watch this video, the true Spirit of Christmas will be stirred within you and this Christmas you will experience, for the first time or yet again, a most holy and divine night.

Wishing You a Very Merry Christmas, 


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6 responses to “O’ Holy Night!!!

  1. Sheril Harris

    Thanks so much Carolyn for sharing insight on the true meaning of Christmas. I always enjoy reading your blogs.

    Have a happy holiday…

  2. Sheril Harris

    By the way, I love the song. I’ve played it about 10 times.

  3. drcarolynmiller

    Thank you so much for dropping in. ! I love it too!!! Have a wonderful Christmas—and I hope to see you around here next year! :))

  4. Dr. Carolyn, thanks for your great gift of INspiring others and for your post. Keep soaring high and making a positive difference in the world.

    We would love to have you as a guest on our Radio Show also. Let’s talk. Do come and share your expertise w/our members and those who need YOU!


    Have a Blessed and DIVNE CHRISTmas,

    Rhonda “The INNERgizer”

  5. drcarolynmiller

    Rhonda…thank you for your “iNNergizing” comment. I appreciate your encouragement. I’ll contact you!

  6. So enjoyed your holiday greetings, Dr. Carolyn! Appreciate your wisdom and spirit.

    -Coach Marla

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