Action Precedes Motivation!

I recently talked to a friend about a project she started after years of procrastinating.  She was extremely happy because she overcame her struggle with lack of motivation.  I celebrated with her as I understood first-hand how difficult it can be to move away from procrastination and toward action.

During our conversation, we identified the steps she took to  turn her dread into excitement.  In sum, “action precedes motivation” — a quote by Robert McKain that has helped me quite a bit! Rather than waiting to get excited before you take action, you have to first take action and then you’ll get excited.   See, when you begin to move toward your goals,  you gain momentum and when you gain momentum you ignite motivation!

If you have something you’ve been putting off, don’t procrastinate any longer.  Just get moving!  Take a action and watch your motivation grow!

If you’d like to learn more about what motivates you, take Tamara Lowe’s free Motivation DNA self-assessment.

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4 responses to “Action Precedes Motivation!

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  2. Excellent post Dr. C.! I agree. We must act before motivation shows up, if it ever does. Motivation is an assistant when it shows up. But when it does not show up, it should not hinder us.

    Please keep the great content coming. We need it!

    Craig L. Sanders
    “The Comeback Specialist”

  3. No truer statement, “if it ever does!”

  4. Hi Dr.C,

    Excellent post and what a way to learn how to motivate from this post. Procrastination is a killer and to overcome it is heaven.

    Thank you Dr.C and Happy Valentine Day to You and All at Home

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