Who Dat?

Saints win Super Bowl 44

Is there anything more inspiring than the triumph of an underdog who beats all the odds? Few things can stir the human spirit like what the world witnessed during Super Bowl XLIV. Despite 42 years of trying and failing, the once-embattled New Orleans Saints are now reigning Champions! The “Ain’t‘s” are finally the Saints and the sweet taste of victory is shared among fellow survivors and adoring fans alike.

Comebacks like what the City of New Orleans has experienced is the stuff that dreams are made of. The Saints have taught us that dreams do come true and that what happened for them, can happen to you!

Oh yes – you, too, can bounce back from defeat even when it seems everyone has counted you out. The love and faithfulness of God always upstages the below-the-belt attacks of the enemy–especially when you have an unstoppable-unconquerable-indomitable attitude! No failure is ever final! You have to dig deep, keep fighting, hold on to your faith and as Joel Osteen says, you will discover a champion deep down inside of you.

Stay encouraged and don’t give up! You are more than a conquering and “No weapon formed against you will prosper!” (Isaiah 54:17a)

The next time you feel like throwing in the towel, join the processional and start singing along with those storm chasin’ Saints… “Who dat talkin’ ’bout beatin’ ‘dem Saints? Who dat? Who dat!?!”

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4 responses to “Who Dat?

  1. Cool post here. There have been plenty of times when failing comes to visit (probably many more lol) but we have to keep going. The second we give up is right before we succeed.

  2. Chris, You are absolutely right. Our dreams for success have gotta be greater than the pain of failure.

  3. Charles

    A great Coach (Vince Lombardi) once said ” I learned all I can from losing. Losing stinks!!! I am ready to win”!!! He then said later during the same interview ” The harder I work, the Luckier I get!!!

  4. You know, I love this (Go Saints!- I am a Dolphin fan but I love underdogs. Bouncing back from devastation is really hard, but it is easier when you have fans cheering for you. I need some members for the benefit of those looking for help with bills, food, clothing, education, jobs and yes, especially prayer, bible study and forming a connection with a church close to them. I need some people who will lift up the lost as they come to http://www.christianimpactnews.com. I need workers and believers, ministers and encouragers. I need business owners who know that good marketing battles for the hearts and minds of their customers. I need people who want to make an impact. I need people like you. Add your profile (everyone is welcome and it is free!) and add your blogs, videos, articles and so much more! and no, I am not using your blog to sell anything… I just get carried away. Kudos for a very insightful and encouraging article!

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