Getting Good at Life VLog!

I’ve launched the first Getting Good at Life Vlog!  I recorded this after speaking at a conference recently so I apologize that the conference noise was a little loud.  Nonetheless, I’ve learned that sometimes you’ve just got to go for it!  Check out the vlog and let me know what you think!

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22 responses to “Getting Good at Life VLog!

  1. I would love to be able to hear what you are saying in the video~~

  2. Shaun

    Wow Carolyn! Your Vlog really blessed me. I’m on my way….I only have one life and I’m planning to get good at it.

  3. Tonya

    Great job, Carolyn! What an encouraging word! I agree that we often miss God’s best because we become paralyzed by our need for perfection before we take a step. Healing in the Word often came “as they went” so. . . these feet were made for walking!

  4. Thanks, Shaun! You are so right…we only have one life so we might as well get good at! Love that!

  5. Tonya, I’m so glad it encouraged you. Yes, our feet were made for walking…so get a pedicure and let’s go!

  6. Cyndy,

    Thanks for stopping by. Sorry you were unable to hear. The next Vlog is on it’s way and will have better sound quality.

  7. I would love to meet you! Give me a shout… we can make an impact together!
    Christian Impact News is a new faith based company based in Houston, Texas. Our mission is to connect churches, companies and communities to reach, feed and minister to the lost.

  8. Jack, thanks for stopping by Getting Good at Life. I checked out Christian Impact News and love what you are doing. I am happy to connect and will contact you soon.

  9. Patricia

    You are right about putting things off for trivial reasons. There is only one trip around life’s race track, and the journey is not a dress rehearsal. Thank you for your Vlog and words of encouragement.

  10. Patricia, thank you for such wisdom! I’ve posted your statement on twitter and facebook! Powerful!

  11. B. J. and I truly love this, and the word you gave about not putting off what God has in our hands to do is priceless. Thank you for leading by example. Looking forward to the next great step you’ll take.

  12. Dr. Carolyn,thanks so much for the encouragement! I am so inspired and ready to move forward boldly in my Destiny!!!! No hinderances!!!!

  13. Barbara, that’s it! We can’t allow anything to get in our way of becoming who God called us to be.

  14. Thank you, Tracy and B.J. To the degree that I can, I’ll certainly make sure I keep everyone informed about my next great steps!

  15. himanshuchanda

    Thts cool. Videos and podcasts have a better connect and stronger impact with the audience and this is something we should cater to.

  16. Hey Carolyn I love the Vlog. You put over comming personal fears into perspective and that is what I need.

  17. Kim

    Your V-blog totally reminded me to simply just “do” what Im called to do. Its easy sometime to overthink and complicate our call yet in reality its an act of obedience and Love for the one who called us. Thanks for the reminder!
    BTW- Handsdown, you’re the coolest V-blogger out there sis 😉

  18. Thanks, Monsieur! I’m so glad it helped. Looking forward to seeing what we become when we are fearless!

  19. “Coolest V-blogger” out there? I’ll take that! LOL Thanks so much for your comments, Kim! You are right….overthinking just keeps us stuck and adds unnecessary complication.

  20. This is fantastic! affirmation for the day to keep moving with purpose.

  21. God is so good! I love the vBlog- good job, Carolyn. I’m inspired now to step out on faith and just step out, period. Thanks.

  22. Thanks, Hesma and Tracye!

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