Is your gratitude common or uncommon?

Is your gratitude common?  Do you unconsciously offer praise when you are up and struggle to do so when you are down?  Check out this weeks Vlog to and learn how to find the face of God in every situation!

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8 responses to “Is your gratitude common or uncommon?

  1. bernicedickey

    Great teaching Dr. Carolyn!

  2. I thank God for the message this morning…because all is not going well with me this morning…even though I’m thankful for life, my health and strength, children and grannies…(I luv them)…. However I’m not were I want to be financially, I have spent many months looking for a job, to reaffirm my abilities to do better in my life this has really been a burden. I’m older now and would like to find a male companion who live and walk in the body of Christ, someone I can live the rest of my days with in peace….! I’m a doer of the word and believe in my spiritual background as a Christian, I no God has never fail me yet, I’ve been blessed beyond measure in my lifetime…so thank you for reminding me to cultivate my gratitude in the mist of the storm!

  3. Felicia Akhianyo

    Hello Dr. Carolyn!

    It’s been awhile since we’ve spoken but I had to leave a comment on this latest segment of “Getting Good at Life”. I really enjoyed the segment and it spoke volumes to me about the effectiveness of “uncommon praise”. Thanks so much for continuing to pursue this calling on your life. We are listening and we are being changed!

    Felicia Akhianyo

    P.S. Check out my blog “Ceciyaa’s Call” here on WordPress. I write about the activities of my ministry to the nation of Ghana. We are also on Facebook!

  4. Felicia,

    Thank you for listening and for your encouraging words!!! I will certainly check out your blog and pray God’s richest blessings on your ministry to Ghana!

  5. Beverly,

    There are times when life is not easy….when our prayers are not answered as quickly as we’d like. Yet, God reveals Himself in difficult circumstances and uncertain times….and it’s in these times that we find His presence eases our suffering. I pray that your heart is stirred as you not only walk, but dance with Him in the midst of your storm.


  6. Kim Dix

    Dr. Carolyn

    Thank you so much for reminding me of the importance of cultivating a lifestyle of gratitude and praise…or uncommon gratitude.

    It was also refreshing to hear that just because we may be experiencing tough times does not mean that we are uniquely flawed, or that God is mad at us, but God will often use our times of adversity as a tool to remind us that He is who He says He.

    I look forward to more inspirational Vlog posts!

    Many, many blessing to you and thank you for taking us on this journey of Getting Good At Life!


  7. Thank you, Kim. I look forward to more of your insightful comments!

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