Are you pursuing perfection or excellence?

The relentless pursuit of perfection is a great slogan for Lexus, but in reality it is the cause of stagnation for many people. See how pursuing excellence is the better choice in getting you mobilized and actualizing your dreams.

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2 responses to “Are you pursuing perfection or excellence?

  1. Hi!!! I just finished listening to your talk on Codependent (2), and it was very enlightening … so helpful. I took notes. I was trying to get to your facebook page, but forgot the url, so I googled, “Getting good at life,” and found your blog. Look forward to tuning in next week. Hope I can get you guys live so I can ask question.

    Also, I live in Spring. So glad you all are in Houston.

  2. Thank you, Angela! I’m so glad the show was helpful! Your comments are encouraging!!!! 🙂 Our facebook page is . Please join us there…we’d love to connect with you. I look forward to “seeing” and talking to you during our live show –Wednesdays at 11am CST!

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