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Who Dat?

Saints win Super Bowl 44

Is there anything more inspiring than the triumph of an underdog who beats all the odds? Few things can stir the human spirit like what the world witnessed during Super Bowl XLIV. Despite 42 years of trying and failing, the once-embattled New Orleans Saints are now reigning Champions! The “Ain’t‘s” are finally the Saints and the sweet taste of victory is shared among fellow survivors and adoring fans alike.

Comebacks like what the City of New Orleans has experienced is the stuff that dreams are made of. The Saints have taught us that dreams do come true and that what happened for them, can happen to you!

Oh yes – you, too, can bounce back from defeat even when it seems everyone has counted you out. The love and faithfulness of God always upstages the below-the-belt attacks of the enemy–especially when you have an unstoppable-unconquerable-indomitable attitude! No failure is ever final! You have to dig deep, keep fighting, hold on to your faith and as Joel Osteen says, you will discover a champion deep down inside of you.

Stay encouraged and don’t give up! You are more than a conquering and “No weapon formed against you will prosper!” (Isaiah 54:17a)

The next time you feel like throwing in the towel, join the processional and start singing along with those storm chasin’ Saints… “Who dat talkin’ ’bout beatin’ ‘dem Saints? Who dat? Who dat!?!”

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Thank God It’s Monday: 7 Steps to Get Over the Monday Blues!

office by daniel morris

Question: “What is the technical meteorological term for a sunny, warm day which follows two rainy days?  Answer: “Monday!'” (Author Unknown)

Millions of Americans are overwhelmed by stress each and every Monday. “The Monday Blues” is a sense of dread that begins its descent every Sunday night and into Monday morning. Researchers assert that many people feel horrible on Mondays because they enter the work week with a one hour sleep deficit from staying up late over the course of the weekend.

Monday is known for its’ dreadful statistics. Twenty six percent of American workers call in sick on Mondays (a significant increase from the 14% who call in on Friday).   There are also 20% more heart attacks on Monday compared to the other six days and Monday distinguishes itself as the leading day for suicide!  Sadly, millions of people wake up on Mondays and just don’t feel good about the start of their week.

In contrast, the book of Genesis recounts creation and brings significant attention to the fact that God made seven—not six—beautiful, wonderful, and glorious days. He assessed His work and gave Himself an A+, remarking that it was “very good.” Also in Genesis and before the fall, God put man to work.  He gave him a job and intended for him to be productive.  So it is today—God continues to assign jobs and just as He did not intend for Adam to approach his work week in a “blue funk,” He does not intend for us to live 1/7th of our lives in a state of dread. Work, in and of itself, is a blessing and was never meant to be a curse. (Paul Edwards) God expects us to enter Monday, the start of our work week, with a sense of awe, anticipation and gratitude.

So here are 7 simple steps to get over the “Monday Blues” and begin to make Monday an awesome start to your week.

1)  Go to bed an hour early on Sunday and Monday evenings to ensure that you are well rested.

2) Prepare for your week on Sunday night.  This will reduce your anxiety and increase your sense of control.

3) Plan a series of treats to reward yourself throughout your Monday.  For example, treat yourself to a special flavored cup of coffee immediately when you get to work or  allot extra time, at the end of your day, to read your favorite book.

4) Start a personalized “TGIM” list — jot down all the things you are thankful for on Mondays.  Post your list in a conspicuous spot so that you can review it throughout the day.

5) Wear your favorite outfit to work and pay special attention to personal details (e.g., comb your hair in a new style or wear a special accessory).  Make yourself feel extra special at the start of your week.

6)  Start your day with laughter.  Read a good joke and share it with your co-workers.

7)  Focus on completing your most difficult tasks so that you end your day with a sense of accomplishment and know that the rest of your week will be a little bit easier.

Determine to make Mondays great and “if you don’t think every day is a great day, just try going without one.”  (Jim Evans)

What do you do to make Monday’s special?  Leave a comment and let me know.

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Don’t Give Up–Get Encouraged!

jumpingHas God given you a dream or a vision so exciting and meaningful that you stepped out in faith and launched it, only to find it never became the success you thought it would be?  What did you do?  Did you abandon ship, question your sanity, and chalk the whole experience up as a “loss?”  

Don’t give up!  Hold on to your dreams.  God has a track record of fulfilling His promises in the midst of the most unlikely situations.  Do you remember Joseph? Joseph had a dream that he would one day be in a position of power.  Yet, shortly after announcing his vision, his status fell from favored son to foreign slave.  His life was riddled with highs and lows that not only tested his dreams, but challenged his belief that they come true.  In the end, his faith won out and his story became a part of history.

The good news is that new chapters of God’s faithfulness are still being written! Just ask Lisa Ojesina, Founder of The King’s Treasure.  She’ll tell you about miracles that still happen TODAY! Her AMAZING testimony about an AMAZING God will leave you breathless and standing awe! 

If you have a vision and a dream, but need encouragement, then click here and  tune in to a special episode of Getting Good at Life.  Lisa will share her personal story that is sure to light the fire of your faith. Learn how God came through for Lisa and how He will surely come through for you!

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Take Your Shot!

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The First Step to Success





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One Thing I Know!

This video is one of the most inspirational stories I have seen.  It’s about the love between a father and son–Dick and Rick Hoyt.  In the late 70’s, Rick–a quadriplegic–dreamed of running a race.  He shared his dream with his father and through the use of a specialized computer, asked him to help him accomplish it. Though Dick, was out of shape and had never run a race, he wanted Rick to experience a normal life and have the opportunity to pursue his dreams. The two, affectionately known as Team Hoyt, took on the challenge and nearly thirty years after running their first marathon, completed 984 events including the Ironman, shown in this video. If you need a little fuel to put in your dream tank, watch this video and be inspired.

2008 Triathlete Hall of Fame Inductees


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