Her Faith

carolyn_charles251Dr. Carolyn’s faith has been her foundation.  For 20 years, she has been committed to expressing her love for Jesus Christ through her professional and volunteer work.

Dr. Carolyn has participated in a broad array of ministry activities, serving as a bible teacher, volunteer youth leader, women’s ministry leader, singles’ ministry leader, short-term missionary to Central America, and volunteer mental health consultant.

As a full-time minister, Dr. Carolyn oversaw 16 ministries as the Senior Director of Christian Education and Pastoral Care at Lakewood Church. In this capacity, she helped to build professional and lay-counseling, recovery and education ministries whose outreach spanned the globe.

In her work in Africa, Dr. Carolyn trained church leaders at the West Africa Theological Seminary, provided supplies and training materials, and spoke to numerous congregations throughout Nigeria. Through her own ministry, Rivers of Life, Dr. Carolyn has partnered with churches and ministries in Africa providing tangible goods for widows and orphans, support to local pastors and assistance for the rebuilding of bible schools in war torn nations.

Dr. Carolyn continues to seek opportunities to give and be a conduit of blessing to others. She currently serves as the chairman of the advisory board for Thomas and Lewin and Associates and as a board member for Lifehouse of Houston, a residential safe haven for pregnant teenagers.

2 responses to “Her Faith

  1. Hi Dr.C,

    I admire what you have done with Jesus love.
    I thank Jesus for showing me the way here to your blog and learn new things from you.

    Nice knowing you today and abundance will pour over you from heaven.

    Thank you Thank you Thank you Dr.C

  2. Bob,

    Thank you so very much for your kind remarks. They are so encouraging. I look forward to your trips back to my blog.


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