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carolyn_charles22_2 YOUR PSYCHOLOGIST

Everyone experiences life’s challenges at some time in their lives.  Don’t struggle alone–Dr. Carolyn can help.  A Licensed Psychologist, Dr. Carolyn specializes in women’s issues, conflict and anger management, and overcoming emotional distress.  If you or someone you love need help, contact Dr. Carolyn.


Dr. Carolyn is a consultant for businesses, ministries, and media.  She provides assessment and strategic planning with a special emphasis on ministry and business development–particularly for women ministers and entrepeneurs.  Dr. Carolyn’s training workshops and seminars address key strategies and techniques to enhance human management including employee and volunteer development.  Dr. Carolyn is a dynamic and engaging speaker who will customize keynote speaches, workshops and seminars to meet your ministry or organizational needs.


As your personal coach, Dr. Carolyn will empower you to move from where you are to where you desire to be!  She will guide you through a program that will enable you to identify personal strengths and gaps, develop a strategic plan, and to live in your “sweet spot,” where creativity, productivity and efficiency flow most naturally.  Her passion is to help you attain peak performance, achieve extraordinary success, or just get good at living your life at its’ best!

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