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Are you pursuing perfection or excellence?

The relentless pursuit of perfection is a great slogan for Lexus, but in reality it is the cause of stagnation for many people. See how pursuing excellence is the better choice in getting you mobilized and actualizing your dreams.

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Change your Question!

We often get stuck in the “why’s” of life.  Change your question and experience real answers that bring healing and wholeness.

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Is your gratitude common or uncommon?

Is your gratitude common?  Do you unconsciously offer praise when you are up and struggle to do so when you are down?  Check out this weeks Vlog to and learn how to find the face of God in every situation!

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How Prayer Saved a Life

Today’s news is often filled with discouragement and despair. But thank God for a recent ray of hope found in the story of one ordinary man’s extraordinary faith. 

James King, a modern-day Good Samaritan, used his faith and active obedience to do what scores of trained rescue divers, helicopter pilots, and police officers couldn’t do. The benefactor of his courageous actions, 11-year old Nadia Bloom, had been missing for four and a half days from her Florida home after wandering off into nearby dense swampland. After having searched along with other volunteers for three days with no success, King, who, incidentally had at one time attended the same church as Nadia and her family, was very concerned about the little girl’s chances of survival. According to him, it was his wife who inspired him when she said, “James, when we lose something, we pray in the spirit and we always find it.” Moved with compassion, he promptly enlisted God’s wisdom through prayer and headed back out to the swampland alone at sunrise the next day. He packed his cell phone, chocolate milk, and other needed supplies, including toilet paper for marking his trail, fully expecting for God to lead him to Nadia. Two hours later, his careful obedience to God’s instructions led him straight to Nadia, who, amazingly, was sitting on a log, barefooted and bug-bitten, but otherwise remarkably intact and in good spirits.

While this story is not the first in remarkable rescues, it is, however, most notable for the way in which she was found. In an interview last week with CNN, Mr. King stated, “I didn’t know where she was. The only person who knew where she was was God, and I asked Him and he led me directly to her…”

One word – AWESOME!

What miracle might you have the opportunity to take part in if you only  trust and obey God? Seek Him and act on what He tells you to do. You’ll be glad you did!

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Who Dat?

Saints win Super Bowl 44

Is there anything more inspiring than the triumph of an underdog who beats all the odds? Few things can stir the human spirit like what the world witnessed during Super Bowl XLIV. Despite 42 years of trying and failing, the once-embattled New Orleans Saints are now reigning Champions! The “Ain’t‘s” are finally the Saints and the sweet taste of victory is shared among fellow survivors and adoring fans alike.

Comebacks like what the City of New Orleans has experienced is the stuff that dreams are made of. The Saints have taught us that dreams do come true and that what happened for them, can happen to you!

Oh yes – you, too, can bounce back from defeat even when it seems everyone has counted you out. The love and faithfulness of God always upstages the below-the-belt attacks of the enemy–especially when you have an unstoppable-unconquerable-indomitable attitude! No failure is ever final! You have to dig deep, keep fighting, hold on to your faith and as Joel Osteen says, you will discover a champion deep down inside of you.

Stay encouraged and don’t give up! You are more than a conquering and “No weapon formed against you will prosper!” (Isaiah 54:17a)

The next time you feel like throwing in the towel, join the processional and start singing along with those storm chasin’ Saints… “Who dat talkin’ ’bout beatin’ ‘dem Saints? Who dat? Who dat!?!”

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Action Precedes Motivation!

I recently talked to a friend about a project she started after years of procrastinating.  She was extremely happy because she overcame her struggle with lack of motivation.  I celebrated with her as I understood first-hand how difficult it can be to move away from procrastination and toward action.

During our conversation, we identified the steps she took to  turn her dread into excitement.  In sum, “action precedes motivation” — a quote by Robert McKain that has helped me quite a bit! Rather than waiting to get excited before you take action, you have to first take action and then you’ll get excited.   See, when you begin to move toward your goals,  you gain momentum and when you gain momentum you ignite motivation!

If you have something you’ve been putting off, don’t procrastinate any longer.  Just get moving!  Take a action and watch your motivation grow!

If you’d like to learn more about what motivates you, take Tamara Lowe’s free Motivation DNA self-assessment.

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Thank God It’s Monday: 7 Steps to Get Over the Monday Blues!

office by daniel morris

Question: “What is the technical meteorological term for a sunny, warm day which follows two rainy days?  Answer: “Monday!'” (Author Unknown)

Millions of Americans are overwhelmed by stress each and every Monday. “The Monday Blues” is a sense of dread that begins its descent every Sunday night and into Monday morning. Researchers assert that many people feel horrible on Mondays because they enter the work week with a one hour sleep deficit from staying up late over the course of the weekend.

Monday is known for its’ dreadful statistics. Twenty six percent of American workers call in sick on Mondays (a significant increase from the 14% who call in on Friday).   There are also 20% more heart attacks on Monday compared to the other six days and Monday distinguishes itself as the leading day for suicide!  Sadly, millions of people wake up on Mondays and just don’t feel good about the start of their week.

In contrast, the book of Genesis recounts creation and brings significant attention to the fact that God made seven—not six—beautiful, wonderful, and glorious days. He assessed His work and gave Himself an A+, remarking that it was “very good.” Also in Genesis and before the fall, God put man to work.  He gave him a job and intended for him to be productive.  So it is today—God continues to assign jobs and just as He did not intend for Adam to approach his work week in a “blue funk,” He does not intend for us to live 1/7th of our lives in a state of dread. Work, in and of itself, is a blessing and was never meant to be a curse. (Paul Edwards) God expects us to enter Monday, the start of our work week, with a sense of awe, anticipation and gratitude.

So here are 7 simple steps to get over the “Monday Blues” and begin to make Monday an awesome start to your week.

1)  Go to bed an hour early on Sunday and Monday evenings to ensure that you are well rested.

2) Prepare for your week on Sunday night.  This will reduce your anxiety and increase your sense of control.

3) Plan a series of treats to reward yourself throughout your Monday.  For example, treat yourself to a special flavored cup of coffee immediately when you get to work or  allot extra time, at the end of your day, to read your favorite book.

4) Start a personalized “TGIM” list — jot down all the things you are thankful for on Mondays.  Post your list in a conspicuous spot so that you can review it throughout the day.

5) Wear your favorite outfit to work and pay special attention to personal details (e.g., comb your hair in a new style or wear a special accessory).  Make yourself feel extra special at the start of your week.

6)  Start your day with laughter.  Read a good joke and share it with your co-workers.

7)  Focus on completing your most difficult tasks so that you end your day with a sense of accomplishment and know that the rest of your week will be a little bit easier.

Determine to make Mondays great and “if you don’t think every day is a great day, just try going without one.”  (Jim Evans)

What do you do to make Monday’s special?  Leave a comment and let me know.

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