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How Prayer Saved a Life

Today’s news is often filled with discouragement and despair. But thank God for a recent ray of hope found in the story of one ordinary man’s extraordinary faith. 

James King, a modern-day Good Samaritan, used his faith and active obedience to do what scores of trained rescue divers, helicopter pilots, and police officers couldn’t do. The benefactor of his courageous actions, 11-year old Nadia Bloom, had been missing for four and a half days from her Florida home after wandering off into nearby dense swampland. After having searched along with other volunteers for three days with no success, King, who, incidentally had at one time attended the same church as Nadia and her family, was very concerned about the little girl’s chances of survival. According to him, it was his wife who inspired him when she said, “James, when we lose something, we pray in the spirit and we always find it.” Moved with compassion, he promptly enlisted God’s wisdom through prayer and headed back out to the swampland alone at sunrise the next day. He packed his cell phone, chocolate milk, and other needed supplies, including toilet paper for marking his trail, fully expecting for God to lead him to Nadia. Two hours later, his careful obedience to God’s instructions led him straight to Nadia, who, amazingly, was sitting on a log, barefooted and bug-bitten, but otherwise remarkably intact and in good spirits.

While this story is not the first in remarkable rescues, it is, however, most notable for the way in which she was found. In an interview last week with CNN, Mr. King stated, “I didn’t know where she was. The only person who knew where she was was God, and I asked Him and he led me directly to her…”

One word – AWESOME!

What miracle might you have the opportunity to take part in if you only  trust and obey God? Seek Him and act on what He tells you to do. You’ll be glad you did!

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Don’t Give Up–Get Encouraged!

jumpingHas God given you a dream or a vision so exciting and meaningful that you stepped out in faith and launched it, only to find it never became the success you thought it would be?  What did you do?  Did you abandon ship, question your sanity, and chalk the whole experience up as a “loss?”  

Don’t give up!  Hold on to your dreams.  God has a track record of fulfilling His promises in the midst of the most unlikely situations.  Do you remember Joseph? Joseph had a dream that he would one day be in a position of power.  Yet, shortly after announcing his vision, his status fell from favored son to foreign slave.  His life was riddled with highs and lows that not only tested his dreams, but challenged his belief that they come true.  In the end, his faith won out and his story became a part of history.

The good news is that new chapters of God’s faithfulness are still being written! Just ask Lisa Ojesina, Founder of The King’s Treasure.  She’ll tell you about miracles that still happen TODAY! Her AMAZING testimony about an AMAZING God will leave you breathless and standing awe! 

If you have a vision and a dream, but need encouragement, then click here and  tune in to a special episode of Getting Good at Life.  Lisa will share her personal story that is sure to light the fire of your faith. Learn how God came through for Lisa and how He will surely come through for you!

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